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Tourist Attractions

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The Kota City is The Best Tourist Place

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Rao Madho Singh Museum : This is located in the historic Kota Fort. Apart from having a varied display of exhibits pertaining to Hadaoti art, culture and history, this is also the home of the world famous Kota school of miniature paintings. The museum has a rich collection of paintings on paper and cloth, as well as wall paintings. An exhibition of paintings from this museum’s collection and from the personal collection of Maharao Brijraj Singh was held in New York, Boston and Zurich in 1997 as part of India’s 50 years of independence celebrations. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best museums in Rajasthan.

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Royal Cenotaphs : Built for the former rulers of Kota who were cremated here, these are lovely structures, having beautiful stone carvings.

Deotaji ji ki Haveli : This ‘haveli’ (traditional residence) is in the old city and has numerous wall paintings.

Bardoli Temples : These are Shiva temples built in the 8-9th century, and have beautiful stone work and carvings. Some of the best temple architecture of Rajasthan can be seen here. One can also view the nearby fort of Bhainsrodgarh, picturesquely located at a height on the river Chambal. Distance from Kota is 56 km. Half-day excursion.

Alnia Rock shelters : Prehistoric rock etchings can be seen here. As these shelters are on the banks of the river Alnia, with trees all around, it makes for a lovely picnic spot. One can even have a very enjoyable walk along the river. Distance from is Kota 14 km. Half-day excursion.

Boat ride on the river Chambal : A boat ride on the Chambal river is must. The banks of the Chambal have high rocky cliffs and this makes for a very scenic cruise.

Weavers village of Kethun : This is where the world famous Kota doria sarees (having a very fine weave) are woven. One can visit the village and see weavers working in their houses, and buy the cloth right off their loom. Distance from Kota 15 km. Half-day excursion.

Bundi : One can visit this nearby city and see the ancient step well, the imposing Bundi Fort, and the royal cenotaphs. Distance from Kota is 35 km. Half or full day excursion.

Jhalawar region : Explore the majestic Gagron Fort which is perched on a low ridge at the confluence of the rivers Ahu and Kali Sind (whose waters surround it on three sides). Visit the sun temple in the picturesque medieval walled town of Jhalrapatan, and the 8th century Chandrabhaga temples nearby. Distance from Kota is 80 km. Full day excursion.

Mukundara Hills National Park and Sorsan Sanctuaries : Both of these are about 50-60 km from Kota, and afford sightings of a variety of animals.

Cultural evenings : Banquets and cultural shows can be organized at Kota Fort, and at Brijraj Bhawan Palace gardens overlooking the river.